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[00:00:00] Especially maybe I’m getting off topic, too, cooped up in there. Yeah, in there. Why? It’s actually related to the economy. I would say from my broader point of view. So I was perplexed and I still trying to figure it out. Like many others, how on earth can like there be this year could be a pandemic. Unlike more white than me. And and then all economies in recession, like three, four or five percent, whatever, deep recession and the stock market bullish lie all All-Time High. Not Stass. Yeah. Keeping afloat. Just All-Time High. Of course, it’s well known that it’s a consequence of the governments pumping more liquidity into the markets. Do not let that increase asset prices, namely stocks. So, yeah, they go up. But that’s that. It’s artificial for sure. [00:01:04][64.2]

[00:01:07] My point I’m trying to get on what how it’s connected to the passive income or whatever is that it becomes really frustrating when like us as an entrepreneur. So it’s hard to build companies that add value. So if it’s hard to make money and then you can see just how easily and disconnected other there are other ways to make money. Don’t get me wrong that it’s easy to make money in the stock market. But for certain people who controls there, let’s say, the funnels of how money is deployed. Yeah, they they have access to information as well. So financial sector in general, financial professionals, you and if you are if you’re ready, have assets there. And they appreciate that 20, even if you do nothing. So about for young people who are trying to build their own careers, get into the property ladder, gain some savings and so on. So it’s becoming more and more important to understand these nontraditional externalities like non related or not linked to the real economy, basically. So so not only you need to if your entrepreneur and you need to go create a business, add value, try to grow it, you would you do really need to pay attention to what’s going on in the stock market, in the economy. Government policies, I would say policy he may use may sound like a lot to take on, but it’s becoming a must. It has always been important, but now it’s critical. I mean, even your current make up savings in certain currencies that may lose a lot of value down the road. And that’s actually some of one of the biggest, let’s say, hypotheses, our options moving forward that the bubble is so inflated. Then let’s say the U.S. dollar is taking advantage of Fien that then the base currency by 70 percent of the base currency war Whiting’s central banks. But China might dispute that down the road. And if you have olding dollars or mostly in dollars or pounds or euros. Yeah, maybe not worthless, but were worth less. Yeah. So. And then there you are, people who get peace with the government. What the fuck are you doing. Dieser Sadad. But. It’s your responsibility, ultimately. Yes. So you you need to understand the basics. Just just follow some people on line and try to make sense of it, because it’s it’s really it’s crazy what’s going on. It’s not the first time, but it’s happening at that pace and style. A I was that magnitude that this approach has never been seen. I need your eyes. Multiple things happening at the same time. Like negative interest rates. No. No inflation. You will lose productivity. So you is this is math. Of course. Inequality. That’s a big issue as well. So I do. Yeah. I don’t like a doomsday scenario. I got a have taken and take on like risks on multiple risks. [00:04:25][198.4]

[00:04:26] But damn I’m seriously paying more attention to all these factors. [00:04:35][8.3]

[00:04:36] Yeah. I mean I feel like we probably can’t solve the world’s ills in one podcast, but I’m sure from from an individual perspective, I think it’s important that I think you can pretty much sums up the whole chunk of what you’re saying by saying that if all of your assets are in cash, then you are over exposed to any potential sort of deflation or stagflation or anything that may happen on the world markets. Whereas if you have assets which are acts of actively money generating BDA businesses or other sorts of passive sort of income vehicles, then then you’re slightly to a certain degree hedge against that kind of stuff. [00:05:18][42.5]

[00:05:19] Yes. No. Because let’s say you have property and you have a property in the UK Brexit hit the pound depreciates like 20 percent then. So unless you live in the UK where that doesn’t matter to you, if from an investment point of view, if you want to go live somewhere else and you need to sell your property to go live in the US, for example, or in any other country, then it liking from a currency point of view, your investment have lost like 20 percent on the principle value, which is a lot, and probably you lost money if you bought it two years ago. So. So that’s not cash. So it’s a property investment. Then also you can have investments in 18 stocks that are generating an income, maybe due to dividend payment or whatever. But let’s say those companies that those yields are in in US dollars and then you live in the UK. So those are our three hundred dollars, three percent, 250 pounds to you monthly. So it’s a decent income, but then the dollar depreciates for whatever reason, becomes less value for you in pounds. So then we sell off 250 becomes hundred and fifty. So it’s not that great or it becomes 50 or that company has a huge exposure to the US market, which goes back for X reasons. So there is now I do agree with you, though, that in. Times. So if you don’t know where to place your money or assets or rather choose like cash flow generating businesses, those are most likely to weather any scenario. And there are proven to work, especially if they have proven for for many years, they can still, you know, like an airline going in to in these days or a hotel chain could could be a total disaster. But they even made recover from that. So, yeah, cash flow generating businesses, that that’s the way to go. And if they pay dividends as well that you’re getting, you’re not betting on capital appreciation only, but you are getting a check every month, every quarter, every year. [00:07:45][145.6]

[00:07:47] Yeah, that’s that’s a return on investment. Yeah. [00:07:47][0.0]


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