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Yes. So I think the distinction that I would draw between sort of bundling and unbundling or the way that you want to try and think about it. So if you’re trying to come up with a business idea, for example, how can you apply either bundling or unbundling to your idea or to to spark off some ideas of what you might want to do? So bundling tends to be to do with convenience. So where you have a task or a job or something, where there are lots of individual moving parts or decide, for example, you’re doing it on the Internet and you’ve got some business process and you have to log into like eight different SAS platforms in order to be able to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. And that’s just as annoying. That’s painful. That’s better. Is there a way of saying I pay for convenience? Can we take all of those things and smoosh them up into a great thing and offer all of them across the top? And so that’s the aggregation, bundling patients convenience, whereas unbundling is to do with specificity, which is where you have sort of this giant thing that you’re involved with. But actually only this part over here is what brings you the most value. But you have to deal with all this other stuff that’s flying around it. So can you sort of pluck some specific thing and pull it out of this giant lumpy hole and make that valuable in and of itself? So it’s the different. So it’s one direction. It’s grace. Convenience in the other direction is greater specificity. The example that I tend to give when it comes to so specificity when it comes to marketing, because also, you know, distribution is vitally important. How are you going to get people to find your stuff and choose to buy you over your competitors? The example I always give is CAFOD. If you’ve got a home, a Siamese cat and you go to the supermarket. And you go to the cat food, oil, and side by side, you see a can one can Kansas cat food for your cat. And then the next can of soda sizes, Siamese cat food for a Siamese cat. Like if you’ve got a Siamese cat. Which one are you going to pick? You’re going to pick the Siamese cat because it’s more specific to your situation. Now, it may well be the same, you know, horsemeat or whatever is in the actual kind itself. But, you know, you’re going to tend to a specificity that’s going to be a smaller addressable market, but, you know, more specifically targeted at them. And so you’re more likely to be picked out. And so unbundling as well can sort of can be about that side of things as well in terms of saying, OK, carve out a smaller chunk of market from this greater whole and more specifically target them with your goods and services, and then you’re more likely to have them choose you over the competition because you’re more specific to their needs and worries and things like that uncertainly.

If you go specific, if you specialise in anything, road services or a category, you may very well find less competitors on an easier way to market yourself. So that’s a by product outside, like a massive add-on will make it easier for you to differentiate, to position to capture those clients easier. Well, you could look simple and ready, but they will be in general, even if you do add some Google Facebook. The more narrow down is the audience or the better. You have your customer segmentation. It will be way easier for you, Robert, versus going very broad on. We are so broad your platform that is or is even if the description is accurate, it people will struggle to understand what’s what’s really about. So. Certainly unbundling of leasing nowadays, it makes sense. I would say from from a business point of view.

So if you’re out there and you’re thinking about, OK, well, how can I sort of apply this to my business or how can I apply this to my thinking around business ideas? And what you want to be doing is you won’t be going out there and looking at the platforms where there’s a lot of user generated content. But it is quite a generic platform. So you want to be looking at places like read it. You want to be looking at places like YouTube. You want to be looking at Pinterest and other places you want to look at are platforms that offer very broad services. So another one. So we’ve talked about Zappia. So in Zambia, you have these sort of service to service integrations where you can hook up automated things happening between two different services. Now, a lot of people might want to specifically integrate to services for a reason. So maybe it is the RSS of your blog and some e-mail provider because you want automatic emails to go out every time you publish any blog post. Now, you could create a specific product that just did that. So that when people that gives far more configuration options and fancy bells and whistles and things like that, which is IPA can’t offer because up here it’s just a general list of that kind of platform. Another place that’s a good idea to look is in places like Udemy. So places which offer a wide swathe of content or products about courses and learning and things like that, you could take specific niches or subsets of some of those courses, things that are happening on you to make and make something more out of it, make it more of a community, make it more of a sharing, doing, learning kind of thing, rather than just sitting there and watching a particular video. So I think there’s lots of opportunity for unbundling out there. There’s loads and loads of business ideas that. You know, you can think about and and sort of apply to your thinking. Hopefully we can do some sort of interesting thoughts and sparked off a few ideas. We’ll leave it there. Thank you very much for listening. We’re going to be back next week with some more grandstanding and pontificating. In the meantime, please cheque out our YouTube channel, which is where we post this and our other podcasts. You can search for net workers in YouTube or you can find the link in the show notes. If you’re interested in a deeper dive into all things entrepreneur, help mentorship courses. Please do cheque out our Web site. That is that network is DOT.

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