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Net Workers is for anyone with an Entrepreneurial streak.. How to start and make the jump, mental models, tips and tricks – from those that have been there and done that, as well as plenty we’re brainstorming on-the-fly. If you enjoy talking/thinking/starting new businesses this is the podcast for you.


Featured: Tesla Credits, Quibi Shutting Down, One Hour SaaS

Season 1, Episode 23

About Networkers

We produce business content for entrepreneurs on specific industries that we consider are on trend and pose a good opportunity to enter with limited or no experience required.

Our content is made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. 

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Tesla Credits, Quibi Shutting Down, One Hour SaaS

Welcome to the Daily Dose podcast – the podcast where we pick out things from the news and social media that’s interesting to us as Entrepreneurs, and business nerds.

Season 1, Episode 23    |    36min

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James Billot

James Billot

Marcelo Barreneche

Marcelo Barreneche

Entrepreneur, Programmer and business geek, James has the remarkable ability to articulate complex ideas into a simple fashion.

Entrepreneur and business maniac, Marcelo eats, sleeps and breathes business.

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