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So one thing that you’ll probably be spending a fair amount of your time on is sourcing your operations staff. So these are your cleaning contractors, your maintenance contractors, things like that. If it is just ad hoc tasks that you need doing, then use a service like TaskRabbit or something like that. One of these services where you can contract out individual tasks and pay people just to do that task is a one off. Do it in a way. You go for longer term funding, longer term contractors and things like that. You want to be advertising on places like Gumtree. Craigslist, indeed. Take a look and see what the listings are like already on those kind of platforms and copy some of the key parts that you need for your operation stuff. One thing I would say here is you’ve got to you’ve got to expect a high turnover of people in these roles. These are the kind of roles where you’re going to find people either get bored quite quickly. They’ve only come into doing it because they’re sort of desperate for cash temporarily, then find that, you know, the works too hard or too annoying or they don’t like doing it or something like that, or they get a better offer or they get a different job paying more money. So various reasons. You’re just going to find that you can have a high turnover of people here. So you’re going to find that you’re going to be constantly really sourcing these kind of operations staff. So if you can put a process in place for this, if you can have adverts ready to go and systems well, boarding them etc, then that’s going to help you in the long run. Another thing that’s going to. Be quite common is customer support and managing client communications. So you’re going to be doing this probably in the first instance, but you will probably have customer support agents later on down the line when you scale and where you do this client communication varies depending upon which platform. The communication is happening on. So places like Airbnb be booking dot com. They have their own internal inboxes that you’re going to have to monitor for these kind of communications for everything else. Our recommendation is that you get like a general property management software or a ticketing customer support ticketing software. There are various ones out there on the market. You can sign up for either you can purchase outright or you can subscribe to software as a service. Typical ones here are like Zendesk, Zoho, something like.
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