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When it does come time for you to scale your organisation. There’s gonna be three areas in which you want to add bodies and add help sales revenue on operations. So first of all, when you’re looking to add people or add help to the system, first up, you’re probably going to want to add help on the cleaning side of things. Turnover. You don’t want to be doing that kind of thing yourself. All the single contracts that you’ve got might start getting overwhelmed with some of this kind of thing. Next is maintenance, cleaning and maintenance. You put on the same pot, really, but just adding more bodies there is going to help next. This is going to be sales. These are people helping to fill the properties. Help define the properties, etc. But basically, the way you approach this is you want to be filling gaps. You want to be playing to your strengths and the strengths of your strategy. And you want to be adding people where you’re strong or adding people to relieve the burdens. That frees you up so that you can operate in the place where you’re strong. So try and work out where those gaps are and have to think. So the three areas, as I said, you’re going to be wanting to add people and add bodies and add help. Right down to these three areas. So first of all, we’ve got sales. So what is it the sales does or what do you want the people to do that you’re going to add? They’re going to be opening new channels. So getting your properties on new platforms, finding new platforms to put your properties on you. They want to be creating and updating the listings on those platforms and tweaking them, optimising them, adding new ones, et cetera. And they’re also gonna be people who going to be replying to pre sales queries. So if you’ve got people, potential customers on those platforms who are reaching out, asking you questions, than it’s salespeople who are going to be responding to those people to try and fill your properties. Next up, we’ve got the revenue section. So people in the revenue unit are going to be doing things like property valuation. So new properties when they’re coming in. What are they worth going through? The point system, as we’ve done before, working out some of the pricing side of things. They’re going to be wanting to negotiate with the landlords doing the deals. They’re also the people who are gonna be operating the pricing management. Again, you know, we’re talking about the updating twice daily across the various platforms. These people are going to be doing this again. They’re also going to be the people who are going to be collecting and filing away the benchmarking and competition data. There’s going to be the key part of your business. So the revenue section is very important because they’re going to be the ones who help you set the pricing, set the strategy, do the negotiation. This is where you’re going to make or lose money, really finding the operations section. Now, these are the people who are going to be doing the day to day the graft on actually turning over and physically operating the properties. So cleaning. That’s a key one. If you’ve got less than 20 properties, then again, this can be managed by one person or one contractor. If you’ve got more than 20, then our recommendation is you outsource it to like a cleaning service company rather than hiring in cleaners, specifically as employees to your organisation maintenance. Again, you’re looking at someone or people who are like handyman. They’re gonna be dealing with property management, dealing with any complaints from any of the tenants that you’ve got. Again, this is something that you can outsource or you could have, depending upon how geographically separated all your properties are one to three people on your payroll who will be doing that full time as they work customer support. So this is taking inbound queries and problems for your existing tenants. Things like that. Not say also not not not people who are on these platforms asking questions about properties before they rent to them. But these are people who are have already become your customers and they’re now asking questions of you. We found that you can operate on a one agent taking care of about 60 customers. So depending upon the size of your portfolio, they’ll give you an indication of how many customer support agents you might need. Business development person. Again, this is sourcing new properties and closing deals. So, again, these are gonna be probably sitting in your revenue unit, but this person is specifically going out there finding new properties and doing deals, finance and accounting, very straightforward. You know, you’re going to need people who are just going to be keep their eye on the books, did the bookkeeping and the accounting, et cetera. And finally, decoration decorators. These are people who you’re going to want to be doing the interiors, your property, furnishing your property, choosing the furniture, bringing the furniture in, and also taking the professional photos that you need to add to your listings on the various platforms.
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