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Let’s talk about scaling, scaling your business and scaling the number of properties that you manage. Luckily, the property management business is a business which you can scale gradually. It’s up to you. You add properties, your pop portfolio when you want to, when you felty when there are decent properties that are available to you. So our suggestion is to just start with one. Start with one property. Get your processes down. Get things wearing a little nicely and then you can scowl from that point, the other place you can start up, which again is something that we do encourage, is to join a company that’s already doing this kind of business and learn the ropes, get paid to learn the ropes. You don’t have to stay there long. Year, 18 months. But. You gain experience by doing so if you can be paid to learn how to do this kind of thing. That’s great for either of these two approaches. We can help at the end of this course, can contact with us. We can help you get on this path through three of these points, scaling and delegation. Obviously, you’re going to be wanting to bring more people into the business. A certain point. Now, when when does that point hit? We found that you can manage up to about 20 properties on your own with one contractor. Now, that contractor is going to be somebody is gonna help you out with cleaning, maintenance, things like that once you hit. 20 properties. Things are going to change a bit. You’re going to find yourself really sort of strung out. Again, you know, you can scale into this gradually. You don’t have to go from zero to 20 properties overnight. You can add properties one by one and make sure that you’re not overstretching yourself. Now, the kind of indicators that we found that come along which show that you probably need to start sort of increasing your head count, finding more people to help with the business. When you start to have difficulty finding properties, finding new properties, now, that could be. You don’t have time to do it all, you saturations your local area. There could be no different reasons for this, but once that starts become difficult, then maybe it’s time to get someone along to help you with some of that. If you find that you’re struggling to keep up with things like pricing, you know, we talked about you want to be updated twice a day across all your properties, of course, all your platforms. If you’re struggling to keep up the customer support, you’ve got just too many customer support queries coming in. The burden is going to be great. Again, this might be a point at which you need to start bringing people on and delegating some of that responsibility when you find that you haven’t got any time to optimise your pricing across the channels. As I just mentioned, again, all of these are. Signs that your overloaded, overburdened unit going to need some help. Flow pressures. That’s a classic one when you start feeling the cash flow pressure again. This might be time when you need a bit of help with your scaling a delegation.
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