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When you’re out there prospecting for your properties, you’re going to have a list of potential targets. And one thing you’re going to want to do is to prioritise those targets, to score them, to see what the best opportunities are for you. We do this on a points based system. And there are different points or different scoring available, depending upon which of the Left-Wing models that we’re gonna be going for. So for the short term rental model, here are the points of property. Your score, probably five points. If the property is one bit, you’ll score the property five points. If it has a central location and you’ll also give it five points if it’s close to tourist areas. The reason being is that short term lets on things like MPB, things like that. I can be mainly sold to travellers who are couples who are on holiday or business, people who are on sort of short term visits to a city for a conference or some other event. And so they’re going to be interested in. Central locations being closer things. Short term property, you can score it four points if it’s too bad. And again, four points if it’s close to transport links. If you can’t be right on top of where it is that you want to visit, then it’s good to be very close to transport to get to where you want to go to. Three points of it’s close to events. We say three points, four events, mainly because people who are going to be coming here are going to be tourists or the majority of your clients are gonna be tourists. So being close to events is less important than being close to tourist areas. But it’s still important. So give it points if it’s got that as well. And finally, two points if it’s close to business centres. Again, tourists are going to be a greater than business travellers. So it’s important, but not as essential as being close to the tourist areas.

The points for medium term, let’s a slightly different. You want to score property five points. If it has two bedrooms, you want to score it five points. If it’s close to business centres and you want to score it five points. If it’s close to events, you’ll find that medium term less will be more attractive to sort with corporate or business travellers. There’s likely to be a few more people travelling, or if there are two people travelling, they’re gonna want separate bedrooms. They’re not gonna be couples. And they’re gonna want to be close to the business area or things. The central business district or exhibition centres, things like that for points. If the place has one bed and again four points if it’s close to transport links, again, if you can’t be right on top of where it is that you want to be, then you won’t be close to transport together. Three points. If it’s a three bed and three points if it’s a central location and two points if it’s close to tourist areas, you will find some tourists who take the longer medium term rentals. And so that is somewhat important. But it’s going to be weighted far more towards the Business Traveller. The other kind of medium term let that’s gonna be coming for you and maybe part of your mixture is student accommodation. It’s less about a point system here and more about certain features. You’re going to want to look for an ideal properties for a student. Let’s even be looking for a four plus bed house. You want to have quite a number of students in there, if you can. Every other student you can fit in there is a greater income for you. Next on, make sure you got low cost furniture in there. You know, students can take less care of stuff than some of the other sort of lessoning situations. So make sure it’s not going to cost you to there if things go wrong. Another good thing is if they’ve got a spare room in the house, bed, a lounge or dining room or equivalent cheque to see if it can be converted into another room because you can put other people in there. Increase the occupancy of your student at. For Long-Term, let’s we don’t have a point system. It’s more about typical things that you’d be looking for if you were going to be buying a house yourself or renting a property yourself to live in long term. Let’s are going to be to families. They’re going to be two couples and people to live in. This is going to be homes. So you’re gonna be looking for things that homeowners are gonna be looking forward to. So here we’re talking about the properties you’re looking at. What’s the value for money versus the local area? How much do equivalent properties go to local area? Is this one a good deal or bad deal? Could it be made better? You want to cheque for future planning in the local area. Is there going to be any infrastructure projects that’s going to raise the area up? Is there going to be transport projects which make it easier to get to places of work and make it more desirable for people? Or the opposite, as they’re going to be a whacking great factory built right next door to the place and bring house prices and rents down? You want to cheque the age of the buildings, older properties of is gonna have a higher maintenance better, but it’s gonna cost you more. It’s probably good to cheque that kind of thing out just to make sure that you’re not just adding a load of Meisner’s costs to your portfolio. And you also want to cheque for value ads, things that come with the property that can take the price up a little bit and make it more attractive. That’s things like common areas and gardens. Resident access to things, if it’s an apartment building, for example, do they have a gym? Do they have a swimming pool? Do they have something else? What’s the parking situation is they covered off street parking. What are things that are in there that could attract to your eventual and customers?

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