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So how do you go about finding the landlords of the properties in the first place? You might found some good properties. But how do you actually get at the people behind those properties in order to make your pitch, to make your negotiation? Well, there’s two ways that you can do this. There’s inbound and outbound. Inbound means you get them to come to you. Now, by all means, you go out and track them down. Typical tactics for inbound SEO search engine optimisation that is having a Web site. Having a blog. Having social media feeds where you write about and talk about problems that are common for landlords, things that they will be searching for, things that they will be thinking about, things that they’ll be interested in. If you can get their eyes on your content, then you can make your pitch, your call to action to get them to contact you, put your phone number on there, say that you’re looking for actively looking for landlords and properties to let to rent. Just make it clear to them that you’re after this. You want to talk about your content. You want to talk about the locations that you’re interested in, and you want to talk about this kind of problems that the landlords that you’re interested in are going to commonly have. So, for example, if you’re looking in north west London, then you can have content on your site about north west London, about the property market in north west London, about rental issues in north west London. All of these kind of things might be things that these animals might be looking for, might be searching for online, and they will trip across U. S. Is quite slow burn. It takes time for volume of traffic to build up. It takes time for Google to trust you. In inverted commas. But it’s something that is worth investing a bit of time and effort in continuously throughout the process. And eventually, you know, you’ll get a good reward from SEO down the line. It’s the sort of thing that will come good in nine, 12 months, frozen immediately. Next up, we got HCM, which stands for search engine marketing, and basically that is advertising on search engine and social media advertising platforms. So we’re talking about Google ads. We’re talking about Facebook ads linked in ads, things like that. You ought to keep your ads very simple. You just want to be telling or asking the people who are looking at the ads exactly what it is that you’re looking for out of people that you want to talk to. You want to give a description of the kinds of properties that you’re interested in. You want to give a description of the locations you’re interested in. You want to specifically talk about the types of landlord you’re interested in. You know, you can have your ads say. Landlords wanted northwest London to bed flats. Here. A lot of these platforms will allow you to put, like, call me buttons or put your telephone number or your email address directly into the ad or some sort of contact, capture, lead, capture. Make sure you take advantage of those kind of things. The final one is Legian efforts. So that is going out and finding those people who already have relationships with the people that you want to talk to and then asking them or paying them or agreeing some sort of barter deal to get them to refer you to these landlords so that the landlords will contact you back. So the people who will be interesting to talk to, there are things like state agents and service companies, companies that are already dealing with or might already have relationships with these landlords. So cleaning service companies, maintenance service companies, contractors, legal services, people who do insurance with the various landlords, reach out to all of these people and try and get leads through them, either free if you can negotiate that or some sort of barter, you do something for them, they do something for you, or you can straight up pay them for the leads. The other way you can go about finding landlords is outbound, about means you going out there and tracking down the contact details and either code e-mailing, cold calling, reaching out and trying to find these people. Your success rate isn’t gonna be great on cold e-mailing and cold calling, but it’s a volume thing just going to keep cranking away at it. Finding the contact details in the first place. First thing you do is Google. You can straight up Google and try and find people who describe themselves as landlords online. Describe the properties that they might own that they’re renting out. Try and find some key words that indicate that that person or the concept of contact details relates to someone who is either the landlord themselves or indirectly related to the landlord in some way, be a family member, a tenant or something like that. You can always approach the tenant of key properties and ask for them to give you the landlords details in searching. Social media is another one. People are going to be on there. They’re going to be tweeting about the fact that, you know, they’ve got landlord problems, that they’ve got tenant problems, that they’ve got maintenance problems. They’re gonna be asking questions. People tend to use Twitter as apart from moaning about the world. They also use it to ask questions of other people trying to get responses out of them. So try and search for typical questions that landlords might be asking about what to do about problem tenants. What to do about maintenance problems. How do you go about getting assurance, X, Y, Z, things like that? Linton’s another good one. Linked in. Some people might describe themselves as landlord in their bio on linked in. Some people might have business or job descriptions which are related to the sort of real estate or landlord business. Just dig in there. I’m sure you’ll find some interesting people. Finally, you can actually search directly on the rental sites themselves. Some of these sites do offer some kinds of contact details for some of the landlords on their site. Rightmove, Zoopla. Things like that, even if it’s not direct contact details. Again, if you can get someone who’s one step removed and the landlord is still worth contacting them, saying get them to pass the information on, we’ll get them to give you a ring back at the tenants at the property, be one of the people who work in a service business that services those kind of properties.
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