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[00:00:00] So there’s obviously a great opportunity here. You may be asking yourself, well, how can you get a vote in this opportunity, particularly if you’re like me, you may know nothing about cooking or the food industry. You can just about manage to burn some toast. Well, we feel a course that can teach you exactly how you can get involved. We’ve got insider information from entrepreneurs are already working in this space. It’s got a realistic process, in effect, creating a business in the sector. How you go about finding new locations, how you can actually set up these kitchens and rent them to restaurateurs or chefs, someone who’s got that food kind of knowledge. If you’re interested in this type of content, make sure you subscribe to the channel. If you’ve got any questions, please comment below. Ask us questions via social media. We’re all on there. You can visit our Web site to sign up for more information or the details and links for that down in the description below. Thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next. [00:00:00][0.0]


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