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[00:00:00] Hi, everyone, Marcet looking out for networkers. So I would like to talk today about what it takes to create a company and by creating a company, I mean, creating a team are a company that can become potentially investable. So how this transition meant maybe many of you are at the idea stage or some of you are already consultants or self-employed. So you already have a company. But if you are the sole person in that company, by definition, there is so much you can do on a daily basis. So it’s not investable from a third party point of view because it’s so scalable. You can’t put more hours per day. You can increase your productivity, but to a limit. So the beauty of creating companies who there are multiple people that can combine skills and they aggregate value could be greater than that individual value of each of them acting on their own. So with that said. So where do you start? So there’s a misconception that the idea is everything and probably it’s not. It’s important. It’s not even the most important. So I would recommend you start by reading books. So read books on stuff you like. They could be an e-book. A could be a used book. You can buy an Amazon. So no excuse. Nowadays, I’m not talking about academic books. I’m just talking about just reading books that like I like business. I have plenty of business psychology, history books that I read more after studying actually when doing my studies. I didn’t read much then. But what I can certainly tell you is that reading books you are on topics you are interested in, you will be very insightful and you were worth every single minute you spend on every single penny you spend. So fast forward after reading books, what else can you do? So I will recommend you start by following some personality or business leader or someone like an entrepreneur that you admire or that you feel identified with or you will like to become. So it could be on any industry or most likely industries you like. [00:02:14][134.1]

[00:02:15] I would recommend mostly just identify these personality could be more than one and then started them in depth. So what’s their story? Well, course, I mean, their career, the challenges that got them there and then started people that are also similar to them or complementary to them. So you can have a wider spectrum of of information, ideas, and after that, just maybe reach them out for mentorship. If you are too busy or too popular, maybe you can’t. I’m sure you will be able to find someone is on our end to produce more local to your cousin in your area or in your country, maybe similar industry. So you will be surprised how all these people are open to collaborate with others that are starting. So look out for someone that is more advance in their career and that will provide you very good insights on what what to do next, how to grow it from there. So after do you have all these ideas in place then? [00:03:20][65.6]

[00:03:22] How do you transform that into our business that can create value? So usually you are told do what you love and the rest will follow. I’m not so sure about it. OK, it sounds more like a cliche from Silicon Valley. I would rather first focus on what you are, do that and build it from there. So what are you. Do that. And eventually try to figure out how to create a product or a service or how to improve a product or service with your skills. [00:03:52][30.3]

[00:03:53] Then if you are good at something and you are seeing that there is an impact on something, you improved many other people, then you will start to like or love what you’re doing. So I think Brawley’s the other way around. Bob once then you have identify who the candidate products or services that you want to take on. Just keep the end goal simple. This is important. So don’t overcomplicate to create an app that will do many things so create decent that that combines all these services in one. So I’m not saying this are not going to work, but the premise should be very simple because the execution will be complicated regardless. So the end goal, the premise that did the motto of both your company or your product should be very simple. And once you identified that you can break it down into the specifics and then go, you will be in a position after you understand it from the first principles, from the essentials that need to be. Quiet on the end goal is clear and simple. You’re in a position to go communicate it to others so you can go start talking to people to build a team. For example, when building a team, make sure they can compliment each other, not only the skills, but also the personalities types. It’s a temptation to go reach out for your friends or inner circle that will recommend to make an effort to expand your network through LinkedIn, attending to events. Ask your mentors for introductions or ask someone as friends re-elections and go get to know other people and you’ll be surprised. They will. Also, the fact that you don’t have a relationship with them and they don’t know you will mean that if they want to join your project, it’s because they have an authentic interest on it and that will make a potential difference. So yeah, after do you build an idea, you build a team, then you can be the prototype, start lean, start small, build a prototype, then take it out to market and grow it from their sweat your equity at the beginning. You will need an investment. You will need to invest yourself at the beginning at least time. So build a prototype with your team and then cut some customers some traction and then take it from there. You can become investible very successful. [00:06:17][144.0]

[00:06:18] I hope you enjoy this video if you like the content we are publishing in this channel prescribed or YouTube channel. My name is Marcello. You can write me directly in our social media or through the comments below. Hope you find it useful. I see you next time. Thank you all. For what? [00:06:18][0.0]


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