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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the video. My name’s James. And today I want to speak to you about amplification. How can you amplify your marketing message for whatever business it is that you’re running? How can you take that message and send it out into the world and get more inbound interest to be that via MCO? Through social media or anything like that. So I’ve got 10 ideas for you here of ways you can amplify your marketing message. First up. For every bit of content you make. So that’s a blog post or whether that might be some presentation or video or something like that. Try and make additional voters the same thing. So in this case, say, for example, we’ve written a blog article.

What you’d want to do then is take that bloater blog article, turn it into a PDAF version, which you can have on your site for people to download if they sign up for your e-mail newsletter. You can also create a video out of it. So, for example, this video is a video version of a blog post that I’ve read in the past. You can turn the same content into an image like an info graphic or a list or something like that. Or you can also turn it into a presentation like a slideshow presentation uploaded slower. And the idea is, is that you want to be putting this up. You gonna put the PDAF up online in other places? You want to put the video up on YouTube. You put the image up on Pinterest. You put the presentation up on SlideShare. And the idea there is it gives more places for people to consume your product and learn about your brand. But also, if someone searches for that particular topic, then you’ve got a greater chance of appearing multiple times in the search engine. Listenings.

So you can get that search engine domination that everyone’s keen to get. Number two, outreach. So, you know, other people in your industry, you know other people who talk about things in your industry, on Twitter, on YouTube, things like that, reach out to them and an offer to help them with things. So all of these people are busy people. They’re trying to market their own products. They’re trying to market their own services. Some of these people are professional thought leaders. You know, they’re they’re essentially marketing their own thoughts and ideas and speaking slots and things like that. If you reach out to them, try and think of ways which you can help them achieve what it is they want to achieve. And then you may get some reciprocal benefit back in that direction. They will be more keen to retort you if you’re tweeting about something, they might mention you as a as a as a thank you in one of their videos or something like that. But you can’t really lose with when you go out to the market and try and help people, you know, achieve what it is they want to achieve. Find out he’s linking to your competition. So if you use a tool like H Raft’s or SDM Russia or moles or something like that, you can go in and for a given topic or a given blog post. You can go and find out what your competitions, blog posts are about and where they’re ranking. And you can also find out who is linking to those blog posts. You can then go away and try and find the contact information for those people who are already linking to a blog post, it’s going to be similar to one that you write or a bit of content that you write and reach out and just ask, see if they will also include you in what it wherever is that back link appears. It might be in their own blog post. It might be they might tweet about you, whatever it might be. Now, you’re not going to have a high hit rate with this, but you will get some traffic. And again, it helps with amplification. Another thing you can do is you can set up, for example, a Google Alerts with terms which are relevant to your particular nausea or your particular topic, and you’ll be able to see when people publish blog posts or things like that. Or you can just search straight away and Google and saying find blog posts. They’re already talking about things which are relevant to your own market. And you can go in there and you can cheque this sort of comment list at the bottom of these blogs and see if people have any questions. Go into read it and see if people have any questions there and just answer them to the best of your ability without being sales, without promoting your own stuff. Just have your name on there. Have your own link on there, whatever your brand might be, and just be helpful. And then people will start to understand and and learn more about you. They’ll start spotting your name, appearing everywhere. It will help the employee message.

And I think you can do is you can pitch guest posts. So if you know of sort of larger blogs or larger article sites which are in your industry or adjacent to your industry, they don’t have to be competitive blogs. They could be blogs or or news sites which are sort of adjacent to whatever it is that you do. Think of some ideas for blog posts that you could write for them. Now, all of these sites want to publish as much quality content as they can. And if they can get some quality content from someone for free, which, you know, hits their quality by their readers are gonna be interested in. There’s a strong chance they’ll publish your stuff. So reach out and pitch when it comes to pitching Gestapo’s. It’s a good idea to actually think you do want to contact them and say, hey, I could write a guest place for you. What topic should it be on? What should I write? Just think up two or three ideas. Contact them and say, here are my three ideas. Would any of these be of interest and see if they pick one for you. Oftentimes you’ll be able to get back links or mentions or things like that again or helps with amplification. Next up, similar to the one before, which is where you’re trying to find the Bucklings of your competitors, Google around and see if you can find these like list or resource page posts that other people do. So it might well be the top 25 widgets in Industry X or know the best 10 people in Industry Y. Lots of people do these kind of post because they’re quite relatively easy to put together and people find them interesting. Where one’s already been written. And they include your competition or other people in your industry. Why not reach out and just say, hey, this is me. This is what I’m doing. This is our company. This is our pitch, whatever it might be. It be great if we could get a link on to this existing resource page. Again, the hit rate might not be so great on this, but, you know, if you get a few in there that work quite well.

This one is about sort of building links in places which are most people sort of don’t give a second thought to really.

And that is you probably already have a lot of accounts on various platforms. So Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, whatever it might be. And on a lot of those platforms, they will have a profile page for your user profile or feel companies use a profile. And that’s a perfect place to add links to key things that you want to promote on your own site. So rather than just directly linking to the home page of your site, say, for example, there was a piece of content that you want to be pushing or there’s a particular landing page that you want to push and include that link in your profile link instead. There will be a little bit of extra link juice in there, Fessio. You know, Google will see that kind of stuff and there’ll be a few links. A few people do click on those kind of things. But if you’re being helpful in those platforms, you’re far more likely to get someone who’s then going to follow that link and go to the place where you want to go.

So, again, it’s just a relatively quick and easy way to get some additional Linksys.

Next up is multi-language translation, and what I mean by this is that if you write a blog post or if you create a video, you’re going to do it in your native language. I’m doing it to you in English now and you’re gone. That is going to appeal to the English speaking.

Market on the Internet. But there’s plenty of other people out there who don’t speak English, you know, you’ve got Chinese speakers, you’ve got Spanish speakers, all these other languages of which millions and millions people speak. And there is far less content available in some of these languages than they are in English. Like English is sort of the Internet dominant language to this high competition, therefore CEO and things like that. There’s far less competition out there for Spanish language things or Portuguese language things, but there’s relatively large groups of people who, you know, speak that as their first language. So why not spend a bit of time, but I bet money and get your content. You’ve already written translated by one of these native speakers and then post that on your blog as well. You could post that in a subdirectory. What you can do, there’s a little bit technical stuff that you can do in there. You can do it if you’re if it’s on WordPress and one of the SEIU plug ins, you’ll be able to do this. Or if not, you can get your sort of Web person or someone technical to help you out of that. But there’s a thing called an H RF lang tag, which you can add into your English language blog Blowpipes and into your translator blowpipes, which basically tells Google, hey, we’ve got another version of this exact same bit of content, but it’s in language X, you’re going to increase your addressable market, you’re going to increase your SEO is easier to do SEO in some of these markets than isn’t an English language market for relatively little effort.

You can get quite big bang for your buck.

This is to do with the suggestion about outreach.

So a lot of people out there will have a whole bunch of content that they’ve already written, potentially if they’ve been around for a long time. A lot of content they have already produced. Why not reach out? And one of the ways in which you can help these people is by offering to do things like translating their content for them, transcribing their content. If it’s an audio, podcasts or videos that do a transcription for them, if they’ve got a little subprojects or a little side hustle, they’re doing offer to create a logo for them, whatever your sort of specialism is or whatever you can help out. You know, you get that reciprocity going, which is I’ve helped you. And they’re more likely to want to help you back in return. So see if you can find like, oh, content and an offer to update and help. It’s all about helping other people. And then there’ll be more likely to want to either link back to you or they’re going to tweet and say, oh, you know, Jeff, blogs really helped me out by doing the translation into Spanish for this. Thanks very much, Jeff. Does it. You mentioned you get some amplification.

And finally for this particular list. How about hiring industry experts or industry expert linked builders? What I mean by that is.

If you are in a market and you’re relatively new to the market, there will be people in the market who are well-known people in the industry who have like big names, big brands, things like that, particularly speakers’ thought leaders, people like that. If you’ve got to bet money to throw at your marketing, why not hire one of these big names in your market to create some content for you? It might be relatively expensive versus, you know, getting someone to fibre to write a blog article for you or getting a freelancer to do it. But what they bring is A, expertise, and B, they bring brand cachet. So there are people out there, lots of people out there and your market who already want to read and consume this person’s content. And now you’ve got this person’s content on your own site, your own blog or your own YouTube channel, whatever it might be. And also because you’re paying them to do it, then you can also ask them to help promote it as well. And they’ll be keen to promote it because they put some time and effort into this. They want to be known as, you know, they want to know they want the market to know their contents out there and they produce new content. So they will be, you know, tweeting or mentioning the fact that this new content is available to their already probably large so followers. So they can direct a whole bunch of people to your site that you otherwise wouldn’t have already gotten. I hope those amplification ideas are helpful to you and you’ll be able to use some of these. I’ve got some more. I’ll put them into a video later day. I’ll also be listing all of them in the description of this video as well. So cheque down there if you need to have a recap. Thanks very much for watching. Remember to subscribe if you haven’t already. Click that read subscribe button. If you’re interested in the deeper dive into anything entrepreneurial, more detailed information mentorship courses than please cheque out our website. There’s a link to that and the description below as well. See you next on.

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