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On that basis, there was another really great tweet I saw from a guy, Suhail, I believe his name is Suhail Dheisheh. But he goes by just Suhail on Twitter. And he’s the founder of Mixed Panel, which is analytics SAS software. And he said how to keep momentum whilst working hard. Don’t burn out. Pick fun projects. Don’t be a single point of failure. Spread your knowledge, Delegate. Fire yourself from boring jobs. Pare on projects. Don’t get stuck. Take staycation is solve the little problems first. So what I liked about this was. He’s emphasising this thing again, like momentum, Biasutto is taking action. Be busy with purpose. But he’s then offering a whole bunch of satellite little tips and tricks, which can help you maintain that momentum over time. Make sure you don’t sort of trip up and get stuck or anything. Was there anything from that list which sort of stands out to you for your experience?

Yes. So I agree is on on especially on the taking on the lead to problems. First, I do make a lot of difference and I will also. So. Either in business or in life. So any venture out into partnership in general is not only a business career, but personal development as well. So there is so much you need. You don’t only need to improve the business processes. You need to improve yourself a lot. And like with any relationship, it’s like with marriage, even if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. So, yeah, you may not like many things. You may feel uncomfortable at times or or uncertain. Confused. So about or especially I like long relationships or marriage or if you’ve got kids and so on.

So so it’s not like walking away is in business. That’s why you just can’t. As a founder walk away that because it needs to do the business. So. So you need to learn how to manage that expectation. But also internal burnout at some point. That work that they do us referring to. So and you will ultimately all your feelings or thoughts are could be manipulated by yourself. So I would say don’t look elsewhere. What like for input. Just look for input about constructive information or critical information that can make you progress. But ultimately, you have the key. So on the moment you know that and you can grow. So let’s say you so start taking by smaller problems. So of course, if you have too many of those, it could feel overwhelming. But if you tackle each of them individually and you start solving them, then you will. And then you will see that many problems on the road are similar. So they are not exactly the same, but they are similar. So you will know we’re ready. How to cope with them. And you build all these resilience from a mental and emotional point of view.

Also, if you feel you are something, it’s really not working out for main reasons like classic s business cycles, processes example. So when you’re trying to scale, but then you are doing way too much. So you have no more time and you feel all over one because your margins are tight, but you really work hard. But it’s not really paying for what you need. So you don’t have money to hire someone else because you can barely pay for yourselves. So what do you do? So you’re kind of stuck on what should I do?

But you cannot quit. So it’s really nice that you are running circles again. You should probably look one at the higher level. Just get a step. Go step back from your day to day stuff and think. All right. So if this is not gonna scale this way, how we will look a way that it can scale or what would be the ideal solution? And then, yes, you would think, oh, I would need this or that. And then you say, OK, but I don’t have money. But then. OK, but then if you were to go raise money, what would be. So how can you make a business plan. That’s investible for a third party. And so then you start focussing more on how to rebuild or rearrange the current infrastructure you have because you have some sales and you have some track record, some expertise. So you need to identify which people can compliment you possibly to be Boudreaux, what you would need to delegate at the lowest possible cost. What’s the minimum investment that you would need then look for? So you’re you break it down like a big problem that doesn’t seem to have a solution. Then you need to be more closed minded, probably pragmatic. Just don’t look. You’re not gonna find probably a solution like a mass magic solution out of the box for complex problems. But you can break it down and surely enough that each individual item will have plenty of options. So it’s coming back to a previous dumping work. Again, these both got some.

Yes. So how to tackle. How to identify the resources. How to. Beverage resources that you may not be aware. So the more you leverage stuff you have, say something all yourself, you do some yourself on leverage.

We leverage good assets. Could be either business contacts, people, you know. Yeah. You sell your network. Of course, money’s a sad resource as well. Time is a resource. So, yeah. So you can reach on our networks from someone else’s as well for marketing, promotion, distribution. So. So yeah. Get helping in that sense or leverage your resources and grow them. So you don’t feel over one too much pressured into a single thing and it will be liberating. I mean. Yeah. But of course you will still need to go through hardships on anything. I mean business in general, entrepreneurship, life. And it will be certainly a personal development journey. You’ll need to build up patience as well. So there is no get rich quick path to success. We know that. So anyone telling you that just run away from it? Yeah. So you need to build that endurance to also this mindset to overcome adversity and overcome challenges. And just if you get used to that, it’s how you need to train yourself to solve problems and not to be over one, to feel cool when, when, when, when she happens, you know. And step back and take action as well. Just don’t overthink. But big things. Simple things that you really can you can improve now and take it from there.

Yeah, I think so, reading between the lines of what he’s saying there, then, I mean, he is, you know, not that am a psychologist, but he it sounds to me like he’s the sort of personality type who wants to brute force his way through problems. I if you’re getting stuck on something or if he’s getting stuck on something, then his his sort of personality type temptation is to just go harder and harder and harder and work longer and longer and longer and just try and sort of absolutely grind your way through. And which in some ways is the opposite personality types, this sort of procrastination, but that the solution to both things are similar, which is be a be self-aware enough to know that when you are doing that and that, you know, being busy for being busy sake is not, you know. Work is not moving you forwards, and often the way out is, as you were saying. Try and find other people to help you out. Try find other resources, look at different ways of doing it and just be aware in actual fact, taking a small break and then coming back to it refreshed, you will probably make progress on it. Then if you just try and sort of pull in a lighter and go crazy. I’m sure everyone has got that experience of where you’ve got some exam coming up in the morning. So you spend all night just trying to cram all the stuff you should be learning weeks before into your head overnight. And it doesn’t tend to go so well. So, you know, this is this is the sort of work or the entrepreneurship that. Right. Okay. That’s all we got for you today. Thanks very much for listening. We’ll be back next week with some more nuggets of knowledge. In the meantime, please do cheque out our YouTube channel, which is where we post this and our other podcasts. You can search for net workers two words or find the links in the show notes. If you’re interested in a deep dive into all things entrepreneurial, including more detailed information, help mentorship courses. Please do cheque out our Web site. And that is that network as Dot Co. See your next one. Thank you. But.

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