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[00:00:00] So that’s interesting, yeah, so, um, I think most of our audience are entrepreneurs or or want to become entrepreneurs. So it’s really important. Usually when you don’t realise about this. So as you were saying, you do you just stumble upon by accident almost. Although you develop that mindset over time at least, to be open minded, to have some percentage of your effort going into that direction. Something personal. I never done it. So it’s important that the audience to know that. Yeah. This is not an investment advice. Oh, yeah. Go diversify into most glass with glasses and build passive income plus laid off course. I say ideal scenario. Probably everyone knows it from a personal point of view. I’ve never done it or not to a significant extent. My reasoning was that I would rather focus on on what I’m doing and get better at it so I could be on our strategy. So the investment principle is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. So then that counter argument will be put all your eggs in one basket and watch that. But that basket. So so following is so not broadly, I would say I would recommend to diversify, but focussing is very important as well. So broadly, abundance is the best. So I would say, yeah, then then the key takeaway here would be just don’t underestimate the importance of that on you. And if it takes you off, your path is important to explore to to try to learn. Probably. Maybe I’m commenting based on your experience or something that could be useful is that you can start by trying small ways of grading or small tickets of passive income into ways that are familiar to what you do already or in topics that you are familiar already. Just putting content out there. Of course, our programmer have all these Bremen’s skills, or you can build tool tools that are useful. Many people don’t have that skill, but they they for sure know about something. You could be even a hobby doesn’t need to be business or technical. So just. Yeah. Maybe create some really quality articles. At least if you see it’s gaining visitors, then you can take it from there. So create digital materials. So any form of content, you can also go audiovisual, whatever, but that probably is the path of resistant resistance to just use what whatever, you know, already. So you don’t need to go explore. If you I mean, if you go exploring, it will it could become daunting at all. Usually those passive income opportunities, if they join a decent income, they’re very rare. So they’re difficult to identify. So there are counterintuitive. So it’s so yeah. You can though establish a process to go find them. And now start to just build some monitoring processes or systems to cheque what’s coming up or trend trending. Social media or Google Trends set. Set up some alerts on that, but still live in doing that. They will take you this amount off of work because it’s not that straightforward and you will need to interpret all that. I usually try to stay away from the stock market as well, like personality based on. Yeah. Experience that. Yeah. Problème. Yeah. I’m not. So I would say people in general light homosapiens that we are all world chimps, which eventually where we are very bad at attaining long term. And there are so many examples I savings smoking each other. So why are you prioritise short term benefit versus long term. So that’s why I gain respect for the stock market. You do need to do a bunch of research, but you can play some. You can take it less seriously with less money and play some. Or if you don’t understand broadly, my advice, at least for new, is that I am a new in the stock market would be just a track. Now you have all these ETF or are these trackers? That would track the performance of the top 50 100 companies CNS base that you may know well, like take or whatever, agro industrial or out to, et cetera. So so then tracked that industry based on you, which should be more stable than I should. Yeah. I mean, appreciate over time. As long as so even stock markets in general should appreciate your time is GDP is growing globally. So that’s that’s better. Does it even if it’s a low appreciation, like just the market average, it will be better than nothing. And that small investment over time compounds as we know. And thus you feel more comfortable. You can add more there and you can make a difference. Yes. [00:00:00][0.0]


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