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Let’s start with an introduction to the market as a whole. So the food delivery market is a growing industry and has been for a number of years with over 10 percent year on year growth. Hey, we’re talking about your overeats. We’re talking about pie smites delivery to all those apps you can get in your phone where you can go and see a bunch of different menus and choose whatever food it is, the one delivered. You’ve seen all the adverts. You probably had plenty of these bills yourself. I know I have. The biggest push in the area is the convenience factor. Having the thing just pushing a button arrive at your door 20, 30, 40 minutes later and access to a wide variety of different menus. So rather than you having to argue with your family about what takeaway you’re going to go for. Everyone can order their own thing and it all arrive at your door and you don’t even have to leave the house. Dark kitchens, how they play into the whole food delivery industry. They allow for an increased audience for a particular provider of food. So, for example, for a given restaurant, if they operate as a dark kitchen instead and they’ve got a wider audience because they can sell their wares across all of these apps to a much wider area in their local area, that the delivery catchment area way much wider. They don’t have to worry themselves with their own delivery people, their own delivery drivers. Plus, you’ve got the large number of people on those apps actively looking for foodstuffs, secret and increase audience. And the next part is you’ve got much lower costs and much lower cost base because you have much lower fees around rental for the areas of which you’re doing the cooking. And things like that will go into a bit more later on in the course. One thing to bear in mind here, and the thing that we’re advocating is, is that you’re not necessarily in the food business. Of course, you are in the food business. But the big prime mover of the dark kitchen business is the fact that you’re actually in the real estate business. That is finding, placing and situates in these dark kitchens in non-traditional places and non-traditional areas where you can make. We can arbitrage those costs, reduce costs and increase audience benefits. So basically, this course is how you can make money from this rapidly growing food delivery industry.
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