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So a big part of running a dark kitchen business is the technology that goes into this kind of business. So we’re going to go over a few of these areas now. First up is your Web site and or mobile app. So you’re going to want to have a site or and or an app to enable ordering. So this is on top of listing your items on these free delivery aggregators, you robbery’s, et cetera. You’re going to want your own platform to allow your loyal customers to come and order your feeds. You’re going to want to have a screen in the kitchen that shows orders and that is be integrated with that site or app. So as the orders come in, they get displayed in the kitchen. And then there’s a process associated with creating the orders and process, setting out the orders for delivery, package them up, etc. It can also be useful to, as part of that, to have a customer relationship management element to it, which will allow you to communicate with the people who are doing the ordering on your site. So this is either live chat or email support or something like that. It’s also quite useful for building up an audience for future marketing and things like that. So you don’t necessarily need upfront, but something to consider. You can get third party apps, which are kind of an all in one Onestop solution for this kind of thing. They can be worth looking into depending upon the channel that you’re selling through. It might be worth your while investing in building your own app on one of these channels. This is quite a sort of wide ranging and very topic to do with the website and ordering and things like that. We’ve got a bunch of details in the course materials that you can download as part of its course. So I suggest that you go down low those men and have a look through next part technology. They even want to look at is actually listing your food items on the food delivery apps. So obviously the big benefit here is that you gain a whole bunch of demand and volume by being on that up because their apps got a big user base and they’ll have a lot of existing users in your local area who are going to be looking and searching for new foodstuff. So being on those apps make a lot of sense. Here we’re talking about apps like Justy Yubari, Spilsbury, GrubHub Post Mates. You’ll know what the ones are that are popular in your country, in your local area. Typically, they charge around 15 percent of the cost of food, of the cost of the food items as they’re charged for running the delivery side of things for you. That may seem a little bit state depending upon what your margins are, but one way of looking at it is actually replaces a bunch of your marketing costs, whereas you’ll have to spend a bunch of money to go out and find the demand. Otherwise, these apps bring the demand to you. And so in essence, you’re mostly swapping out some marketing spend for spend on these apps. Another thing that you might consider is a call centre. So as you get a big, bigger way in general, you might want to be taking your orders via the phone as well as online and via these apps that can be as simple as a phone in the kitchen or a phone somewhere else, someone’s mobile phone. But you might also want to be setting up a little call centre where there are other people or outsourcing to a call centre where people can actually take these orders for you. Ideally, you want to integrate it with a customer relationship management tool. If you’ve got one setup already, that will help you. As I said before, grow your own marketing list, but it will also help you track what some of the ordering is. It will help you track some of the problems are. It will help you find common things that go wrong or problem customers, things of that nature. It can provide a good source of data for refining your processes. Again, this is something that you can set up depending on your scale, something you set up in-house, or you can outsource this. There are various providers who provide sort of generic call centre operations, or there may well be providers that specialise in taking online orders. Call phone orders for you.
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