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As you grow another bit of technology that you’re going to be need to use is a point of sale management software. Now, this is a piece of software that’s going to help you aggregate all of the different orders that are coming through across all of your different channels. So online app, phone, etc. It’s going to help you produce the automated receipt system, help you create the receipt delivery system. So when the receipts get attached to the orders that need to go out so the driver knows which orders, which one was taken, etc., and for the business itself, as your getting a bit bigger and you start to scale than it’s going to start to provide you with some important data that you’re going to want to look at. Take decisions within your business. You to be able to compare the performance of the various channels on which you’re selling your food and the impact of the various marketing efforts and things like that that’s going on. So the point of sound management system is going to be quite important in the case where you are not using one of the food aggregation apps. Or if you get to a point down the line where you’ve gotten a decent audience on your own platform, then having an integrated system of food delivery is going to be very important. So this is essentially where you’ve got your own platform, your own technology, your own drivers. So you’re not relying on the drivers on these other apps. You’ve got your own who are doing the thing. This is the system that’s going to be managing the whole process across your business. It’s going to be the management of the orders as they come in and getting cooked. It’s going to be the management of when and how they’re going to be picked up and the order in which they’re going to be picked up and delivered and all of the infrastructure around that kind of problem. Now, you don’t have to start with something huge and all encompassing. You can start small. If you’ve already got a call centre set up or outsource, you can manage the drivers through text message via your current call centre workers. That’s fairly easy and that’ll scale to a certain point beyond a certain point. That won’t scale so well, but you don’t have to go all in on a giant integrated system up front. But that is probably something you’re gonna want to work towards. Finally, another bit of technology that you’re going to want to look at is your inventory management. So when you are a bit like many other manufacturing businesses, you’re going to have raw materials that get turned into food, which goes out the door, which is your product. And so you will be on top of all of those raw materials, the ordering of the management of it. Where do they get stored? Obviously with foodstuffs, they have shelf life. So you want to maintain and manage the rotation of that kind of thing. So the things that you would want to be looking for in inventory management system is you’re going to want to be reducing your waste. Waste is cost to you. So, you know, to improve your margin, you want to be able to reduce your wastage. Got make sure that you’ve got enough raw materials, enough ingredients to service the demand that’s available on a particular day. You know, maybe the weekends are busier. So you’re going to need a bit more eventually at that point in time. This kind of system will help you track and manage that kind of thing. Make sure you order it in time that is in place. You’ll probably have less storage space in your kitchen than you might do with other setups, particularly if you’re selling multiple different cuisines and multiple foodstuffs across multiple brands. All the raw materials might vary between those different brands. And so you’re going to have relatively less space per brand than you otherwise would have. So again, an inventory management system is going to be important in making sure that those are most efficient and optimised in the way that you operate. Now, just the point here that the there are one stop shop kind of software systems out there which encompass a wide variety of these different things. Do it all for you. We would caution that if you start out the gate using these bits of software, they can be very involved. There’s lots of moving parts. They can be quite difficult to learn, mainly because they cover such a wide area that it can just take time to wrap your head around it.

And really what you want to be doing in the beginning is finding your feet, learning what works, learning what marketing works, learning what food items work in what markets and things like that. And this can be somewhat of a distraction to that. Also, it tends to be very expensive. You know, if you’re buying something that does all the things, then people can charge quite a high price for it. My suggestion is, is that you grow into one of these systems, start off with your own processes and your own systems, pieces of systems as you need it and add it as you need it. When you start to feel stress and when you start to feel overwhelmed in certain areas, then try and add systems and processes to to manage that. And eventually you’ll move towards one of these kind of systems, or at least the point where the expense of it and the learning curve of it is worth your while using it. The reason why we’re giving you these. Let you know why these kind of things exist. It’s just so that you understand what’s out there in the market. Just so you understand what might be needed from a technology perspective. So, Lisa, you know, the things that might be coming up down the line, the bits of technology you might have to implement in your business down the line. And also an idea of kind of what’s available in the market. Again, in our downloadable course resources, we’ve got information on this kind of stuff. And also, we’re available and happy to help you talk to her and think through some of these choices. So please, to get in contact.

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