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This market is very much driven by enticement. You want to try and get people to look at your wares or to hear about your product and be drooling and want to immediately jump on your app or your website and order this kind of stuff. And social media is the place where visual posts work very well, where people share and like and do all those kind of viral marketing, viral sharing kind of actions. So those kind of platforms are where you want to be as well as on the pay side. This is on the actually creating and generating sort of social media accounts which gain followers and can effectively act as a free source of advertising for it. So you want to make sure and concentrate on those channels which are most cost efficient. So our advice here is to rather than spreading yourself too thin and going and trying to have a council on all of these social media platforms is that you actually focus on one or two particular to start with. You want to find the channel where your customers are most likely to be on. But you’re also going to want to look for the channels which you or your team are best able to take advantage of. The idea here and the way of getting the best growth and the best bang for your buck when it comes to actually getting customers onto your platform is to try and build a community around your social media accounts. So you want to be make sure that your answering customer questions quickly or people who are commenting on your social accounts. It’s also a good idea to actually test out whether people are able and willing to want to order your food directly from those social channels. So can you talk to someone on that social channel or can you put a post up on that social channel and find people who are wanting and willing to directly go from there to order food strafing your platform? Now, if you’re finding there is particular demand from one of these channels and the people are quite keen and willing to order immediately after they’ve seen your social posts, then it might be worth your while building out a specific app for that channel in order to capture that demand and allow people to order. Now, only do that if you got the budget available for it, but that is something that you can do and that’s something that can give you an edge over your competition. Again, pretty much same as the paid advertising here. Mostly images work. So if you are going to choose one of these channels, you won’t be choosing one of the visual channels. Instagram Absi is the main visual channel. Pinterest is the other one. Pinterest tends to be more of an evergreen channel if you post something up there. It tends to hang around a lot longer. It doesn’t just scroll past on the news feed. It will be thrown up in front of new people on quite regular basis. So it is worthwhile checking out Pinterest and seeing if that’ll work. I don’t see Facebook again. You can be quite visual on Facebook, so it’s worth investigating that. Again, same as ads, videos. So a YouTube channel, for example, is starting. A YouTube channel can be good. You want to make sure of a way of thinking about creating a lot of good content on there. Volume of content works quite well on YouTube. Just be aware that it is very time and resource consuming. You’ll spend a lot more time on your YouTube channel than you probably will on some of the other channels. So you want to make sure that if you are testing there, that it’s actually worth your while and gives you the bank. But when you’re looking for.
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