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Another rather obvious channel is the food delivery apps, the food aggregation apps themselves. So you robbery’s and your pace may Suneo just eats cetera. You’re obviously competing with a lot of other people on those platforms, particular in your local area. So you want to try and understand what your options offer, ranking your particular brand and your feedstuffs on those apps. So across those different apps, those different apps work slightly differently. So on each of those different apps. What is it that you can do about your listings that will cause those apps to suggest you before or ahead of some of your competition? There’s lots of information about this online. This changes on a fairly regular basis. So you want to make sure that you’re keeping on top of this kind of stuff. This is effectively SVO for these feed free delivery apps. But again, that’s one area where you can definitely gain an edge on your competition is by keeping ahead of the curve on that kind of thing. One thing which tends to be a major point across all of these apps is customer reviews and the impact of customer customer reviews. So you want to look at these apps and see whether having lots of customer reviews on the app or having specific types of customer reviews on the apps actually impacts how you are pushed forward by those apps. So have a look across and see what they are. Some other options for you. A lot of these platforms allow for pay promotion so you can experiment with actually paying to have yourself promoted over and above your competition. It’s worthwhile trying it see and get return on investment for that. Again, there’s the opportunity to make offers on these platforms, see if offers are going to help increase the amount of demand on them on the platform. You can do money or vouchers. You can do free side dishes. You know, that sort of offers you can come up with are almost infinite. So try a number different things to see what that does to your demand. Is there an element of seasonality on these apps, depending upon the sort of time of year? Does the demand for particular faced off wax and wane hearty warming food stuffs for winter and sort of cool salary based stuff a summer worth checking that out? You might need to adjust your menu over the seasons to try and make sure that you’re moving with the demand. Because reviews are important. You want to try and have a process or a strategy in place for actually gaining those reviews over time. What is it that you can do that once someone has order from you that you can convince them to leave a review? It’s always a good idea to follow up and ask for the review. If you don’t ask, you don’t get be a little bit wary about of annoying your customers. You want to ask in a way that isn’t too painful to annoying, but you do definitely want to be active in trying to seek out these reviews. Be aware that the terms of service for these different apps vary upon how you can ask for those reviews. Some of the apps won’t allow you, for example, to pay for reviews like the apps won’t allow you to do that. So just make sure you cheque about that before you carry out something crazy. Off-line marketing. You are competing in a local area. You know where your customer base exists because you have a set up in that local area because you perceive a certain amount of demand within that area and because it’s within a constrained geographic area. That means that you know exactly where you are able to target these people. And it means that you’re able to do some offline kind of advertising that you probably wouldn’t be able to afford to spread slapdash over the whole country. But a little bit of money applied in a local area could go a long way. An obvious one here. Flyers get some flyers printed up, get some delivery people to take it around and post it through doors. This is trying to generate local demand awareness. People might not even know that they’re able to order your food. They might not know where to order your food. So, again, a nice visual flyer going through the door that gives them a nice shot of food they might be interested in and a really simple way. Some instructions of how to order your food, be on an apple, something else then that’s worthwhile doing. Sometimes these food delivery apps will actually give you a little bit money towards flowering in your local area as long as you include their logo or their information on the flower as well. Obviously, they’re also trying to create demand in the local area so you can offset some of that cost to you of printing the flyers and creating the flyers. So it’s always worth asking these apps particular if you’re on them. You want to make sure that your promoting what’s unique about you, the unique food items, the unique menus, cuisines that you are offering. It’s, again, you’re trying to stand out from the flowering that’s going on in the local area. I’m sure everyone has had pizza flies through their door and they see them all the time. Just ignore them. They’ll have had kebab or chicken shop flies through the door and just ignore them. So you want to make sure that you want to stand out from the crowds to try and put something interesting through the door. Another way of doing this is offering free samples. You know, you can go and set up in the local. Centre and hand out some free samples. You can find various places where you might be able to do their shopping centres, things like that. Maybe local community events. When you’re handing out these free samples, make sure you’ve got your contact, details on your order, details on the packaging that you’re handing out. Again, this is all about trying to generate demand in the local area. This would be very expensive and would be hard to make work on a wide area. But when you’re very small and focus, it can become very cost effective. Our general advice here is that you really ought to be focussing on line with your marketing. Obviously, that’s where the majority of your delivered demand is going to come from. It’s going to come from apps and it’s going to come from online. If you are not the one who’s producing the food yourself, if you’re operating the subletting model, then it’s still worth your while knowing how will this marketing system works. And it could be another thing that you offer to them either as advice, just you want your people renting your dark kitchens to be successful so they’ll continue paying rent. So providing them with advice can be helpful, or you can offer it as part of another package of help that you sells them, either where you rent up a bit. So it’s a monthly subscription type of deal or you take a cut of their revenue. When you package this together with some other logistics and management kind of help, this can be something that you could offer to your clients.
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