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Let’s talk about some of the non-traditional places where you can set up or attempt to set up these modular kitchens and look at some of their pros and cons. First off, let’s start with the industrial sites so prised there. You’ll often have pre prepared plug in utilities, industrial sites, which are tend to be set up just outside large towns next to transport links like motorways or highways. The people who have set those up have already set up the place full of all the necessary utilities for any business that might want to sit up there. So you will have plug and play utilities if you if you choose to place your modular kitchen in a industrial site. You’ll also find that it will probably be fairly cheap rental. This isn’t prime land. The reason why these industrial sites are set up where they are is because the land was relatively cheap. That’s what they operate as a bargaining on. So you should be able to do a good deal, especially because your footprint is going to be relatively small, simply compared to a lot of the warehouses and facilities that might already be on site. You’re likely to have good availability. A lot of industrial parks have been created with massive room for expansion. Relatively easy to expand for the operators. So you’ll never lack for space in an industrial site for the same reason. You’ve got really good scalability opportunities. If you put one modular kitchen in there and then find that demand is such that you’re going to need more, then the likelihood is you’re going to be able to place more and more in the same industrial area, in the same unit relatively easily, because, again, you’re not taking up so much floor space on the con side. There can be issues with access for delivery drivers. So the people who are actually gonna be picking up your food and delivering it, partly because industrial sites can be a little bit further out of town than some of the other areas that we’ll talk about. But that’s up to you to look at that and cheque, what the drive time will be between where you are and where the customer base that you’re likely to be serving its kind of delivery times that you’re looking at as you want to make sure that you are within 20 minutes. Of where your potential customers are. That gives you the leeway to have 20 minutes for the delivery drivers to come to your location from the centre of the demand. And then 20 minutes to get back out to where that demand might be. Another option for where you can place modular kitchens is private car parks. So this is places where there have been specifically set up to provide parking in and around towns, in and around cities, in and around entertainment areas, places like that. Oftentimes, they will be in pretty decent locations, central locations. They will be close, relatively close at demand. By definition, they will have great access for your delivery drivers. Know these are set up to service cars and bikes and buses and things like that for access to town centres and various other areas. So by definition, they’ve got great road access. Your delivery drivers will have no problem setting up there. You’ll find that a lot of these car park providers, they may be private landlords, they may be group landlords, but a car park is essentially a giant area of empty space. And so the car park operator makes money when people come in and park. But there’s usually a lot of space going to waste a lot of the time if you can negotiate with them, to set up in a far corner of the place out of the way. You’re not taking up any car parking space or very little car parking space. Then you’re going to provide them with much better income for that small amount of area than they would otherwise be able to find if it was just purely for car parking. That’s the that’s the value proposition that you’re going to be making and negotiating with the people who operate the car parks. On the negative side, you will have difficulty with access to utilities. In many cases, a lot of car parks aren’t plumbed for things like electricity and things like that, although certain areas of the car park probably are relatively close to utilities and they will have to have electricity for the parking metres and things like that, they’ll have to have drainage on site for some reasons. One side of the car park might be adjacent to residential or retail areas, which will have these utilities in place. That said, it will often require landlord negotiations. You will need to convince them that it’s a good plan for you to set up on their property. You will probably also need to convince them that they are going to it’s worth their while investing in some of the utility provision on the site. A negative is that there may be a relatively long period where work has to be carried out in order to put those utilities in in the first place. So the time between you negotiating with the landlord and the time when you’re actually going to be able to move in and start operating your kitchen might have a fairly large lifetime. It depends upon how quickly they can get those utilities in. You may also find that in order to negotiate with the operators or the owners of these car parks, that you will have to agree to a minimum contract term that’s longer than you probably might otherwise want to. But that’s one area in which you can give a little in order to make great savings on rent in general. So it’s worthwhile doing. Another area is caravan or camp site. So these are probably more relevant to areas which are outside of the major cities within your location. They’ll probably be closer to tourist areas or more regional towns. But again, they’re large areas of relatively open space. The particular well utilised are likely to have some utilities on them. So it could be a good place to place your mutchler kitchen on the pro side. They often have plug in utilities already because you’ve got people coming in there and hooking up. There are these or caravans or whatever to the utilities that are available on the site. So a lot that utility work might have already been done. Another pro, these are likely to be supercheap. They will net will very rarely have full occupancy. These tend to be very seasonal areas. They may well have decent occupancy for eight weeks out of the year, whereas you’re offering them. Good income for 52 weeks of the year. That’s very hard for them to send out on the consigns availability. You will only find these in particular areas of the country. You may find that they’re a little bit too far away from. Areas of good enough demand that it’s worth your while setting up, these will be in. Tourist towns. So you’re going to have to cheque and see what the population of those towns are out of season. They will be full of people. But what are they like out of season? Are there enough people in there to sustain your business, even out of traditional tourist season? Another potential negative issue is access. Some of these caravan sites and camp sites can be a little bit out the way. So, again, you need to cheque how easy it is for drivers to get between the centre area of demand and where you’re going to set up and that the round trip time is within that sort of 40 minute ideal maximum delivery time. One way to think about an ideal place, a sweet spot for locations, for setting up dog kitchens in general is to think about it on the basis of if you look at the population density of an area. So how many people there are squeezed into that area? Is it. Like the centre of a major town like New York City, like New York or London or so, not that really highly dense versus subway, that’s there’s one farmstead every 50 miles. And on the other side is competition. Who else is operating these kind of businesses in the aerial? Or who else is offering delivered food on these food delivery aggregator apps? And what you find is you want to find someone that’s got to like a medium population density and below average competition. That is an absolute sweet spot for finding good new areas where you can make an absolute killing with these kinds of modular kitchens.
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