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An important element of the set up of a kitchen is, of course, kitchen equipment. So here we’re talking about ovens, cooking ranges, refrigerators and freezers, mixers, shelving sinks, slices, fire extinguishers. Don’t worry too much. Don’t feel too overwhelmed by that list. If you’re not someone who’s had much experience in a professional kitchen environment or in a retail kitchen environment, then worry about it too much. This business, this particular subletting model is mostly a real estate deal. Creating a kitchen, fitting a kitchen or adapting an existing kitchen is a commodity task. There are people out there who are professional at this. They know how to do it. You can hire them. You can rent the stuff. And also, don’t forget that your customers are professionals and experts in themselves. So if you approach people, ask them what it is that they want and what they need in a kitchen, particularly for their menu. Now they’re food experts. You know, they’re going to be experts in their particular cuisine. So if you are talking to particular people and you’ve decided upon either a type of cuisine or something like that, you’re going to focus on survey them for what it is that they want or need it from these manufacturers of these kind of kitchen equipment. You can find them up and get lists of typical. Kitchen equipment for the size of kitchen. You’re talking about they’re going to be very keen to sell you this stuff. So, you know, lean on that. Call them up. Let them give you a list. Run it past your clients, your customers, and then you can come up with a list from there. Now, you don’t have to get it perfect from day one because you can rent equipment on a piecemeal basis. You can rent it yourself and rent equipment from a kitchen equipment provider. Also, you could have the kitchen equipment and rent it on a piece by piece basis to your clients. So there’s no need for you to get to a Perfect’s fixed design before you start operating. You can start with a set of stuff that you rent or a minimum set of stuff that you fit the kitchen out with in concert with talking to your clients, your customers, and then iterate and adapt from their.
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