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We’re going to talk about two particular models that we suggest that you go after. Now, there’s a huge amount of demand for these dark kitchens. You’ll find that the food delivery aggregator apps are actually buying up large swathes of these kitchen areas. And other people and investors in private equity are also investing heavily here. And the reason why they’re doing this is because they. They’re trying to boost supply. There is a tremendous amount of demand out there for this type of business model. And these apps know it. And one of the ways they can grow their business is by increasing supply. The other thing they’re trying to do is creating their own food brands. So whereas at the moment they’re capturing a small percentage of the foods that run through the app. Then they’re also looking to create their own brands so they can also make margin on the food production side as well as on the food delivery side. So, you know, these apps are doing it themselves shows that is a very good market to be in. There are good margins to me to be made. So this is why we’re suggesting that this is a very good business opportunity for you guys. This is model number one is you set up your kitchen and you sell the food that you create yourself. You find a cook or a chef and the staff, you create the menu, you run it as its own self-contained business end to end, vertically integrated. You may be the one doing the cooking. You might have a brilliant idea for some cuisine or angle that no one else is doing at the moment. And that’s what you want to give a try. Or you see higher your food preparation stuff separately. But again, you’re the one who’s driving it and you’re selling your food. In essence, the second model is being a facility provider. So that is setting up these dark kitchens, equipping them and then subletting them to other people to do to run their own food businesses out of it. Essentially, this is. Ongoing recurring rental revenue for renting out these spaces. So it’s so it’s a nice continuous flow of income into your company. It’s very consistent. It’s very you can model it. You can rely upon it. So this is this is a very good model. We do encourage people to try this one out. You can also offer additional services on top of that and charge a commission on sales. So, for example, as well as setting up the kitchen, you can also take over some of the operational sides of those kind of businesses, some of the logistics side, some of the marketing side, maybe some of the call centre side, some of the management side of things. So the people who are in there can concentrate on cooking the best food. Coming up, the best menu, getting their processes down, focussing. And that gives you another opportunity to take another slice of the pie. We can give you help with setting up both of these business models. There will be people within our community who are actively doing this or will be ahead of you on the curve. So after this course finishes and you’ve had a thought about what you want to try and do, please do get in touch.
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