business ideas 2020

Here are some business ideas for 2020.

We will keep this list updated throughout the year as COVID evolves.

1- Set-up a Dark Kitchen. These kitchens operate a food delivery-only service, lowering costs and risks. You can sell via food delivery apps. Here’s our course on this trend.

2- Sell online (eg on eBay) arbitraging prices on discounted items at retail stores. It’s a low risk, easy way to generate extra income which can eventually scale. Here’s a video for selling on eBay as a side hustle – Sneaker Arbitrage.

3- Set-up your ecommerce store to sell niche products. There’s been a massive boost to ecommerce due to COVID, a trend that’s likely to stay. As consumers go online to buy their day-to-day products, there are several opportunities to exploit niches, for example: selling beef steaks direct to consumers. It can also apply to vegetables, gluten-free products, etc. Specialise to build a loyal customer base.

4- Set-up your digital agency. You can educate yourself online for free on how to advertise across the main internet social media and search platforms. Pay special interest to TikTok.

5- Sell digital products. From entertainment to knowledge, it’s a good time to sell your skills online. Use social media or platforms like Hotmart to get started right away.

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