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Start-up & Build Legacy.

The intent of the book is to provide practical guidance regarding the core principles underpinning our lives: Why do we do what we do? What’s the end game we have in sight? Modern society has caused our attention span to shrink, and sometimes, we get trapped in the proverbial “rat race”, spending more on educating ourselves, working harder and faster to reach an ever-changing target that seems more and more unobtainable. Therefore, the discipline of sitting back and reflecting on the purpose of life, on why you do what you do, sounds simple, but it’s an important discipline that is seldom exercised. With this book, I hope to shine some light on the journey of fine-tuning your path to success and happiness, which as you will find out is an ongoing journey.

Entrepreneur & Author

Marc Barr

Marc eats, sleeps and breathes business. He was born in Uruguay – moved to London in 2010 to setup his first company. He holds an MBA from Regents University London and is married with three daughters. As an internet serial-entrepreneur, Marc has built and grown businesses into into e-commerce, digital marketing and financial technology scene.




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