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With that in mind, what do you think, do you think entrepreneurs are born or are they made? What’s your opinion?

I think it’s not binary. That could be a tendency as on anything.

People have more facilities or skills. DOD, for example, on when you are starting a company. I always say that sales is the most important probably unit of the business.

So if you keep selling skills, you are most likely to have like an easier path into entrepreneurship. If you can say this is your feedback station, I’m usually are.

You need tough measurements of growth, success or feasibility. So that’s. So if you can’t save skills, that could be very interesting. But also you can have other skill sets and complement with other sales guys and drive that company very efficient. That’s well, the example of technology guys. I’ve made a lot of money without sales skills because they just other types of great brother I’ve done. It just was mass adopted. So I think you can always learn your way in. So I need says anything. It’s a self binary. Some people may be better fit. So let’s say form for the purpose of starting companies. They can tolerate risk better. That’s very important. They will see you. That upsets you.

You know, endurance or great says just keep going. Determination and hunger. Yeah. You need to be to go through the personal development process as well. On changing your views. Be tolerant. Nation discipline. We talked about in previous videos about that. So. But you can learn all this stuff. I mean, personally, I learnt a lot along the way mode not so I shaped myself. Yeah. Hundred and eighty degrees I would say. So I cannot say I was born. I can say I love it seems very young age and how Brexit practise. From a young age. But the practise actually got me better into developing the skills. So definitely you are not born with skills. It’s like humans in general. You know, living beings. You have your DNA that you are born with some. Yeah. Predefine that say characteristics but they enviromental shape you as well. So you can maybe make that analogy into intrapreneurship or.

Yeah, I. I feel that I can. I can only speak for myself and those people that I know. And then I have to guess what their motivations are. But I feel like I feel like it’s a mix of both. I think that you have to know that it’s possible in the first place. A lot of people grow up, you know, with family situations or with people around them where they just they don’t have access to anything entrepreneurial. Everyone’s doing a very standard thing, living a very standard life. They got a job, you know, a car, home, insurance, cetera. So if you don’t know it’s possible, then, you know, it’s it’s hard to then fall into it. You know, some people fall into jobs. Some people fall into relationships. Some people fall in to entrepreneurship. But I think once you know that it’s possible. I think that certain people are definitely wired to be more entrepreneurial than others, both in their sort of both in their abilities. As you said, about sales and things like that, you know, their sales skills and their natural kind of abilities. But I also think it comes down to I think most. Entrepreneurs that I’ve met who are a long term entrepreneur, as all successful entrepreneurs are people who actively enjoy doing business. I is not just a job for them. It’s it’s a hobby as well. Even if they weren’t going to be successful at it, they would still be doing something like that because it interests them. It catches their interest. They enjoy doing it. They find enjoyment in taking on the risks, you know, doing the work, forging new piles, creating new things in the same ways, you know. Do you know carpenters enjoy making furniture. Entrepreneurs enjoy making businesses the art and the craft of making businesses right. And for me, definitely, it’s kind of like I don’t enjoy jobs. I’ve had jobs in the past. You know this. There’s plenty of things about a specific job which might be enjoyable in and of itself, but the structure of like don’t get on with it all. And I do actively enjoy, you know, talking about business, creating new things, coming up with new stuff, solving problems, all of those kind of things which will fit into that bucket. And I come from a very SUB-STANDARD. You know, my dad was a bank manager. My mother was a housewife. So very standard kind of, you know, upbringing from a perspective of, you know, jobs and things that people did. You know, I’ve got people in my family I’d sort of nurses and, you know, very standard, typical job and career paths. So. So I definitely stumbled across it. I can I I can’t quite remember that day when I discovered entrepreneurship, but I have a recollection of around the time when I did it. And you slept like mindblower. You know, you could just do all of this other stuff. You didn’t have to do, you know, the standard nine to five, which I really wasn’t looking forward to coming out of school or or anything like that.

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