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So another example of vertical integration in the big tech firms. Amazon announced a new project that they’re undertaking called Project Kuyper, which is Amazon’s competitor to Space X, is Starlink fleet of satellite. So basically, this is Amazon going to launch over the next six years, apparently, or 12 years, three thousand two hundred and thirty six satellites into low Earth orbit orbit to offer data and broadband services. So basically, if you’ve got a receiver, which presumably they will produce, you will be able to get data services by these satellites, which are whizzing by overhead and spoiling all the astronomer’s fun. And it’s it’s is literally a direct capacities to what Space X is doing is stalling, which is what’s going on. This Space X subsidy ahead. They’ve already launched a whole bunch of satellites, hundreds of them. And so the Federal Communications Commission in the US has just granted them Amazon a licence to do this. Amazon has committed to spending 10 billion dollars on building and launching these things. One slight fly in the ointment for Amazon is that they have to launch half of that number within six years in order to keep the licence. If they don’t hit that number, then they lose the licence. And this is part of the I’m not sure if this is part of the competition between sort of Amazon and the rest of world, whether this is Jeff Bezos versus Elon Musk. Because, you know, they compete in business. They compete in rockets. Jeff Bezos just got Blue Origin, his rocket company. Elon Musk has got Space X, his rocket companies space X subsidy ahead at this point. But, you know, if anyone’s got the pockets to catch up, then it’s Jeff Bezos because, you know, is throwing a few billion at that problem is probably, you know, an afternoon is chump change to him.


There are various sort of arguments to be made, pro and con, of these kind of satellite provided broadband, and whether you know how interesting this is as part of Amazon’s Hollo sort of vertical integration of vertical stack. What I know I know what you’re wearing and Occupy Mols t shirt. Those people listening isolates where I can occupy most t shirt. I know you’re a big fan of space and space exploration travel. What what what do you think of this?

Yes. Yes, I am. Yeah. Many, many things here. I’m curious why they have that deadline on six years to launch half. It’s curious. So maybe it could be due to the fact that it’s not infinite, the amount of satellites that you can actually launch. There’s a well, there has been a big discussion there when Space X started putting out there. I think it was thousands already. They planned to put like 15000, something like that. And they put like one point five thousand already or so.

So the licence, the reason why there’s a time limit on the licence with that stuff is because effectively they they are taking up a proportion of the radio spectrum. That’s what they’ve been. Yeah. I wanted as part of the licence. And so if they don’t take advantage of it, you’re not allowed to just sit on a on a part of the spectrum without using it, you know. So they they deliberately put a cap on it so that no one can just fire a chunk and prevent anyone else from taking advantage of all that.

Yeah. Then I was my guess was correct. Probably IDM phrasing. And yeah. Or I phrased it poorly but which that that’s interesting because then you’re saying first of all, why does the US so the space is not part of the US, you know. So that’s one thing. So secondly, this will become a monopoly, not by definition, because if there is assuming they are that there it’s liberty limited, that that space in space is a spectrum. So that other countries are going to fill it as well, like China or Russia, I mean, with other stuff. So it’s already packed.

So there is all these derbies on space waste or rubbish on satellites that clash with each other or go out of vibration and some then they disintegrate or whatever happens to them. But all that those derbies are creating like a massive pile of facades. It’s actually not the kind. Keep other satellites or U.N. spaceships. So, yeah, if you keep granting those licences to thousands and thousands of other satellites, it’s gonna get messy.

The benefits are so so far, I’m not very informed on the specifics. So to my understanding, is it will benefit coverage, essentially. So my ward wide where you are, but also probably will lower costs. I must submit that especially in developing countries, the cost of data is skewed comparatively to light areas. So if you can democratise that and give truly access, unlimited fast Internet connectivity, access to everyone in the world, I mean, those companies will benefit massively.

Just may humanity in general so we can bring on more people to come for the knowledge base worldwide. Also, there will be lots of more trolls and angry people.

Yes, but. Yes. So if you can also increase the speed, that could be interesting. I think actually. So current telcos are not a monopoly about our kind of fun oligopoly broadly in emerging countries.

They are sort of monopolies because they are like two or three. They just dominate prices that services at best. All right. And they they gonna charge you on. It’s very limited which options you have. Forget about the Internet of Things. If you don’t have if you depend on those totals.

So then there’s salacious on the fly away thing.

And this amount of data. So having options is good, but I don’t think we understand yet. Like the cost. We can’t let that come close to us or the risks are. Yeah. Or what it means. So I’m pro space. Exploration. I think the most interesting stuff. Of course, by Mars or the moon base in the moon. That’s like. We’ll be a dream come true. But that was affordable space travel broadly. Virgin Galactic is promoting that. But I saw the photo upload I like I think, well, they dropped the price at least anywhere between 200 gay and one million. So it’s not affordable. But maybe if they do it enough times, that can drop. But it’s still a long way. But broadly, one of the most interesting stuff. Is there an asteroid mining? So I think not only. I mean, from an economic point of view, only a few would benefit. But ideally, we should take all industry outside the earth. But, of course, in an ideal scenario. So we don’t keep fucking up this planet. Let’s keep it as presidential as possible. Yeah, I’m clean. So, yeah.

So you see a role for being like a resort planet where everyone just sort of like chills out lives and and holidays and parties and then and then no economic activity can happen on the dark side of the moon. Yes. Violation take over there. That’s right.

Yeah. Guys up kab lie on our universities. Yeah. Yeah. Lab sun. Some residential areas. Take all the averages. Maybe have this. There were some cases for space elevator. I don’t know about that. They wanted to believe we. Carbon nanotubes. Well that will be our long set of carbon nanotubes. They are very hard to grade. Like my girl dosis in Spain. In labs and very expensive. So it’s great. That space elevator. Yeah. Unseats. Yeah. But again, it’ll be fun. So, yeah, I am. I support competition within the space race, but that probably should be read more clear on the benefits widespread that we should be careful. We’d want to publish as well, especially by Amazon is already labelled. That’s a monopoly. So if they start now buying like space monopoly, some decent, that’s so it can get very tricky. I don’t like. I really like us. You know, Musk.

We don’t. You drawbacks or I mean, ask anyone. But I think he’s pushing for a noble cause.

Whereas Jeff Bezos. I don’t know.

I don’t think he he’s not committing to any philanthropy on it. Gates promoted with other chops and he’s not necessarily he’s he gets a lot of money.

It’s a summit so much that actually he can build stuff. What? I think he’s building it more for fun. I don’t see him. He’s crashing retail. He’s not. He commits from time to time like a very tiny amount of his fortune to sound like climate change stuff. But it’s like like a fraction. Like, see your points, your one percent or whatever.

So he doesn’t care much. I think he’s just stuff for fun, sucky lights. So he’s broadly I mean, more selfish for being. I mean, you know, a big responsibility. I would say once you are in that position, and I at least I have not seen from him any intention on making all of us better. So that’s that’s my red flag. And if they want to compete, I think competition is good. But, yeah, I would like to see more visibility on that game. Yeah.

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