Here’s the list of Netflix’s series and movies recommended for entrepreneurs in the video above:


1- Shark Tank


2- Billions


3- The Big Short


4- Money Heist


5- Ozark


6- Breaking Bad


7- Wolf of Wall St

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Possibly Netflix shows or and two intrapreneurs, but yet we’re talking more internally about it. But so my picks, I put at least together short list. It will be Shark Tank. There’s a UK and Canadian version, which is called Dragons Den.

I personally like more Shark Tank, maybe because of the show itself or the deals there. It’s more dynamic.

Doesn’t it tend to have like heavy hitters as the investors? They seem to be sort of bigger names and bigger purses than the ones we seem to get on the UK version?

Yeah, well, that’s maybe the thing. So so you have some billionaires there like Mark Q and or so. I also have some fun with going, Larry, but essentially the idea that they could go, they could fight, they find way more between themselves and they also go seek bigger deals. So it gets more interesting. And I would say in that sense on the show has been very successful. So, yeah, it’s an interesting watch. I think they only have one seriously Netflix. But I haven’t checked recently. So then other serious. I like his billions. So billions. I don’t think it’s in Netflix though, but it’s around so you can cheque. There are a few seasons. It’s an interesting one. So great doctors. So yeah. Go cheque it out. It’s from ARCC, like a hedge fund right there in New York, which, you know, trust roads with a lawyer who tries to enforce some of like insider trading information practises and. And but this story goes way beyond that and it gets fun. So then I also have my short list. The Big Short is a movie. What? You’ve done Netflix. So definitely. So this is about then the crisis, financial crisis of sorts, an eight and nine and how these guys are. It’s based on our real story as well.

So how these investors essentially he restudy the underlying assets of their mortgage in the US mortgage market, mortgage backed securities that were sold all over the world. He noticed that those mortgages were underperforming. So he assured them on stuck to it, made a lot of money by the process. What’s very interesting and also he shows about a lot about what’s going on. By then, all the greed, then a nonsense. So, yes, it’s interesting for sure.

Then maybe not strictly about money and business, but money. Well, team with money, but not in the sense of business money cases. They just go tried to rob banks like Bank, Central Bank of Spain, the Treasury and so on. But these are very interesting and very popular series on Netflix. Go cheque it out. Then they all thought, oh, Fahd’s is more about like a family were dead. This accountant ends up doing accounting for some drug cartels and this ends up laundering money in very dangerous ways, very, very creative ways as well. So all of that, of course, of course, drama with cartels doing such things. So it’s quite interesting. I’m looking forward for the new season, actually. And then just to wrap it up, maybe Breaking Bad. So it’s not maybe business related for necessarily entrepreneurs, but this has been a great, very successful series on Netflix. So got Aissa again related on producing and distribution. Methamphetamines, got great doctors. They had some business there going on. So you I’m sure you will like it. So I’m sorry, maybe I had to quote from the list, but. Oh, what are your your most preferred or did you have any.

Yeah, you did. You stole all the good ones from me. But I’m just not to typecast you. But you’re talking about sort of dodgy Spanish bank heists and drug dealings in a Latin American accent. Come on. Casting central bias.


For me, I. I really enjoyed the film, Wolf, of Wall Street for a number of reasons.

You know, it’s good fun. And it’s obviously it’s a true story, but sort of a pastiche of what went on, but it was really interesting to see, you know, that sort of high pressure, slightly dodgy sort of sales that goes on. And also, it’s quite interesting. The guy I forget is surname, but Jordan something or other. Belfour, was it? Yeah, he he does podcast things out. He’s a very interesting guy to listen to it, because even though, you know, he got up to some stuff that was maybe sort of a little bit close to the line, like he has a really interesting takes on some of this kind of stuff.

Well, one reason I think a few years or so and now he’s out. He’s doing these stocks. Yeah, he wrote the book and then the movie. I mean, I buy from his book.

I am so I was also thinking, like, what would be good?

What sort of good business or entrepreneurial things which are sort of currently going on that could make good assignment or good movies or good TV series in the future? I reckon I reckon that could be a really good series on the rise of Tesla. And like Tesla shorters and the current stock price of Tesla is, you know, almost infinite amounts of money. I’m not sure it quite so corresponds to the amount money that they are going to make. But yeah, I reckon this could be seen great amounts and estimates we have from that. What do you reckon?

Yeah, I’m sure you learn. Also, he’s very media. I so I’m sure he will show up for some interviews on that. And yeah, I, I read like a story I read like him as entrepreneur because he put a lot on the line when he had. So he made a big exit with PayPal. But then he put it all into a like super high risk business models. I mean, because they were super capital intensive to strengthen Strub like heavy industries that were not disrupted before. And he was very unclear how that will happen. But he did it. So, of course, maybe it’s overpriced, their stock, whatever, even he said that. But it’s more about. Yeah, the confidence on. Yeah. Qiqi has shown on key basically I think is the confidence on him on how he can pull it off. Actually they are moving fast and they have also presence in the U.S. and China with these factories, which are like massive facilities. So I think I’m not so sure. I mean, if people are quarantined or, you know, out of jobs, how is it’s gonna work out today? You know, the car industry, because they autopilots, which are essentially being promoted, does they hold grade on how those companies would enter to make a lot of money like like Tesla, Uber, etc.. But that’s nowhere near. Not not to mention they’re leaving aside the regulatory aspects of it as it looks more like an assisted driving done like a fool.

So the driving capability. So Dobson, who is supported. I think you should keep trying.

I will be I I will watch that series for sure. I also watched the one on Mars. I remember now from Nadya and I’m not sure if it was on Netflix.

I think I watch it on YouTube. But yeah, I was I was not one recommended, but it was not super great. But it’s I like them that their narrative lets say, or downvote. So I would like to learn more on on space. Probably actually the space industry is growing not only with space X, but in jail. We met many, many competitors getting into it. So a series on that could be interesting. Even our space, modern space race or some gas based race or like mining asteroids or base in the moon or Mars lie. Well, there have been Star Trek and all that, but yet something more like business, our business gains or more tangible.

So there is there was an old British sci fi series in the I think the 80s or late 70s called Space nineteen ninety nine, which is all about moon base and all that kind of stuff. So maybe could go back and watch that with Israeli crap models made out of like matchsticks and glue that they put together in like five minutes for they shall sit their.

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